At Socially Taylored, I help online entrepreneurs scale their social media presence and market their digital courses and coaching programs using paid ads. Below is a quick glance at the services I provide. If you’re not sure where you need my marketing efforts, request a quick call by pushing the cute button below & I’ll help you figure out what will best fit your business at this time.  

monthly PAID ad management retainers

Starting at $1,500/month – ad spend not included*

Looking to advertising on Facebook or Pinterest? Let me set you up for success! I’m not your average DIY/YouTube University marketer. I’m platform trained and certified, and spent two years working on the Paid Social Team at a National advertising agency managing more than $5,000,000 in media spend for paid social campaigns. With my paid advertising services you’ll get:

– Initial set-up of your back end & business manager (if needed)

– Complete sales funnel creation

– Building of targeted & retargeted audiences 

– Professional Ad Graphics 

– Ad Copy

– Optimize campaigns for optimal performance with weekly check-in updates on campaign performance 

– Monthly Reporting w/ 60 Minute Consultation Call to Review

*Monthly retainers are booked on a 3 or 6 month retainer minimum.

3 Hour strategy session/intensive

$750 for a one-on-one 3 hour session 

Let me guess… you’re an online entrepreneur that’s looking to run paid ads for your digital course or coaching program. And you’re here for one of three reasons: 

1) You’ve never run ads before (& still may have to set the back end of your Business Manager)

2) You tried to run ads yourself, had something go horribly wrong, and now you don’t know how to fix it

3) You don’t have the budget to pay an agency a 3-6 month retainer contract, but can’t seem to find anyone to teach you what you need to know to launch a successful ad campaign

With my intensive, we will get your Business Manager set up for success, and strategize and build your ad campaign. Most of my intensive clients want to run retargeting ads for their launch or set up a lead generation campaign that they can run and manage themselves. 

You’ll walk away from the intensive with a clear understanding of how to optimize the ad campaign and what to look for, and will get 2 weeks of Voxer access in case you need any additional help. 

one-on-one consultation


Need some additional help, guidance, or training? Want to pick my brain on how I got to where I am? This is your chance to ask me anything about social media management, paid advertising, influencer marketing and media kits, blogging, branding, starting & growing your freelance business, and more!

Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile, fill out the contact form, and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to schedule a call! Don’t see a service you need included? Reach out anyways! I’m happy to create a custom package that suites your social media needs. I’m looking forward to helping you take the next steps in growing your business!


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