TikTok Tips from a PR Agency

February 10, 2022

As we’ve seen in recent years, influencer marketing is BOOMING. What started with mainly bloggers and YouTubers has quickly grown to an omnichannel opportunity for creators. In 2021 alone, the influencer marketing industry was valued at $13.8 billion according to Influencer Marketing Hub

If you follow us, you might already know that TikTok is now one of the biggest platforms for content creators with over a billion users as of 2021. Whether you want to dip your toes into the wonderful, addicting world of TikTok or you’ve already made the jump, here are a few public relations tips to help you succeed as a creator.

Research, Research, Research! 

One of the best parts about working as a creator is that being a user on a platform is part of your job. That’s right, we recommend baking time into your schedule to research new trends and popular sounds to use to create new content around your niche. 

We don’t mean just scrolling through your FYP for 2 hours straight. Make sure to do a deep dive into the comment sections of trends you’re thinking about hopping on. What are people saying? How are they responding? Is there any backlash? What is the music origin? Is the artist problematic? Then definitely avoid that trend. 

Stay Organized & Prepared 

We know, that’s easier said than done. But if there is one piece of advice you take from reading this blog, it’s to keep a spreadsheet tracker of your content. This can be a simple spreadsheet that includes the date you posted a video, what sound you used, what the trend was, and anyone you tagged. Full-time creators produce several videos per day, so we suggest sitting down once a week to add your latest TikToks to the log so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

But why should you be tracking your videos? Great question. In the event of a trend turning south, a creator you collaborated with faces bad press, or a sound ages poorly, it’s important to have a tracker to reflect on to easily see if your content will end up facing criticism and to get ahead of it. For example, if a musician came out with a controversial statement or action you or your brand don’t align with, you can easily reference this log to see which of your videos used their music in the event you wish to remove them.

Be Authentic 

One of the greatest things about any social media platform is how easy it is to meet like-minded people who love your niche as much as you! This is why it’s so important to be your authentic self in your content and in your comments; authenticity is the easiest way to grow a following and to maintain your brand or personal image. On the other hand, if you’re not being true to yourself online, TikTok will easily sniff out your BS. 

If you’re new to TikTok, we recommend you make a list of a few creators and brands that you love and 100% align with. If you follow these accounts and engage with them regularly, you’d be surprised how far one comment on their videos or a dm can get you. Don’t be afraid to tag these accounts in your own content and share why you love them and tie it into what you’re doing. We’ve worked with some amazing clients who have collaborated with some of their dream brands simply because they just said hello!

Most importantly, have fun creating your content and stay true to yourself and/or your brand image. If you’re looking for assistance with influencer outreach and management, reach out to our team today

Oh, and if you see any drool-worthy skincare TikToks, send them our way. Happy scrolling!

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