My Favorite Self Tanning Products: Isle of Paradise

April 1, 2019

Why I Love These Products: 

The reason I love the mousse so much is because of the guide color. It makes self tanning so easy because you can see where you have already placed the color. The water is amazing for giving your face a quick spritz and also touching up your body as needed. Isle of Paradise also has face tanning drops that you can mix in with your lotion a few times a week. I haven’t tried those yet, but I really want to! Isle of Paradise products are cruelty-free, 100% vegan, organic, hypoallergenic, and do not contain mineral oils, petrolatum, gluten, GMOs, or toxins. They have three color options pending on how dark you want to be. Plus, their products give the most natural looking, bronze tan!

How To Use These Products:

1 Hop in the shower 24 hours prior to tanning and make sure your body is shaved and exfoliated. This step really helps prep your skin to absorb the color!

2 Apply your favorite lotion to your ankles, feet, hands, and elbows. This will prevent the self tanner from settling into the fine lines of those areas.

3 Pump 2-3 pumps of the Isle of Paradise self tanning mousse onto a mitt of your choice. I am currently using the St. Tropez self tanning mitt, but I don’t love it and want to find a better one. Any suggestions?

4 I start with my lower legs and work my way up. Continue pumping 2 or 3 pumps of product onto the mitt as needed. I always apply two coats to my entire body.

5 Without adding any additional product, I use the leftover product on the mitt to cover the back of my hands and the tops of my feet.

6 Wash your hands!!

7 Take the Isle of Paradise tanning water and give your face a spritz. I love using the water to touch up my body as it starts to fade. Isle of Paradise also makes tanning drops that you can mix into your lotion a few days a week. I really want to try those!

8 Wait a few minutes before putting clothes on. I usually just wear an old t-shirt, sweatpants, or athletic shorts I don’t care about just in case any residual product comes off.

9 Wait 4-6 hours depending on how dark you want to get and rinse off in the shower

That’s it! It’s so simple and gives the best deep bronze color. I’ve been using Isle of Paradise tanning products for almost a year now, but I am always open to trying new products! What is your favorite self tanner? Has anyone tried Loving Tan and have thoughts? Leave your comments and recommendations below!

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