I Tried the Jade Roller

April 1, 2019

As a self-proclaimed skincare aficionado I am always on the hunt for the next big trend in skincare. Facial rollers exploded in popularity over the last year. This beauty tool had been piquing my interest for quite some time. I finally bought one and since purchasing, I’ve become quite fond of incorporating it into my skincare routines. Today, I’ll be covering what exactly the jade roller is, why and when you should be using one, and how to use it!

What is a jade roller and why should I use one?  

Facial rollers have been a staple in Chinese skincare practices since the 7th century. Think of them as handheld face massagers. You can get a facial roller with a jade, rose quartz, or amethyst stone (you can get the one I purchased here). Each stone is believed to have its own set of healing and protective properties for the skin. Benefits of using a facial roller include reducing inflammation and puffiness, stimulating the lymphatic system and blood circulation, tightening pores, reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark under eye circles, and allowing for deeper penetration of skincare products. Aside from these benefits, I think using a facial roller is a relaxing way to unwind and treat myself at the end of the day. We carry a lot of stress and tension in our faces and this is a nice way to ease out all of that tension. Plus, as someone who gets frequent migraines I think this is amazing for relieving sinus pressure (especially if your roller is kept in the fridge and cold). 

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When do I use a jade roller?

I use my jade roller when I first wake up in the morning after I have washed my face and applied the Ordinary’s Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG. The combination of the jade roller and this serum are amazing for de-puffing and decreasing the appearance of a dark circles. I also use my jade roller at night before bed. I simply wash my face, apply my toner, squalene oil, hyaluronic acid, lotion, and then roll away. The jade roller helps your skincare to reach a deeper level of your skin, allowing the product to really penetrate and do its job.

How do I use a jade roller?

To use a jade roller, start at the center of your face under your eyes and gently glide the roller out towards your hairline. Be sure to use your jade roller in an upward motion. We want to lift and brighten our skin, not pull it down. I like to use the smaller end of the roller for under my eye and around my nose. Next, move down towards the jawbone, starting at the center of the chin and move out towards the bottom of the ear. I spend a decent amount of time on this step because I carry a lot of tension in my jaw. Finish your facial massage by rolling down the sides of the neck towards your collar bones.

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