How To Spend 24 Hours In Nashville

May 12, 2019

Hi guys! This past week my boyfriend and I drove from Michigan all the way down to Panama City Beach in Florida. He’s down there for the summer for his internship, so I went to help him move. To help break up the drive, we decided to make a pit stop and spend 24 hours in Nashville! We had a blast, so I’ve put together a master list of all the activities & sights we crammed into 24 hours!

What to Do & See in Nashville in 24 Hours:

1 Hike at Radnor Lake State Park – We woke up super early to go for a hike because we are both big hikers. We did the Lake Trail and the South Cove Trail and had a blast!

2 Eat at Prince’s – One thing I was adamant we had to do while in Nashville was get hot chicken. I asked a few locals where the best place to get hot chicken was and every single one of them said Prince’s. And they were right. Their hot chicken was out of this world. Honestly, I still sit and think about how good it was. 

*Pro tip: Start with the mild. Hot chicken is HOT!! It was unlike any heat I had ever tasted before. 

3 Go to the Gulch – This is where most of the famous murals are. It also has tons of restaurants and bars to eat and drink at. We had an awesome time just wandering around and popping into whatever caught our attention!

4 Rent an Uber or Lyft scooter – This was an awesome and affordable way to see Nashville. We paid $2 for every half hour we rode the scooters and had so much fun riding them through the city.

5 Walk (& drink) up and down Broadway – This is the strip where all the celebrity bars are. We LOVED the George Jones bar. The view of the water was gorgeous, the live music was awesome, and the drinks were great. Other fun bars we went to were the Luke Bryan Sushi Bar (the sushi was really good), Florida Georgia Line’s Bar, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, and Honkey Tonk Central.

*Pro tip: skip the Kid Rock bar. We paid $11 for drinks that came in cups that were smaller than our free waters. All of the drinks in Nashville are between the $11-$20 range, but the size of the drinks at this bar was absurd for the price.

6 Bar Taco –  This is located on 12South, which is another cool area in Nashville that is filled with cute shops, restaurants, and bars. We went there for dinner and drinks. Bar Taco had delicious food, great margaritas, and an awesome vibe, but I will say that the tacos were small for the $2.50/taco price.

And that’s it!! We really wanted to go to the Parthenon and an edible cookie dough bar that was near it, but we didn’t have time to squeeze it in. We will definitely be checking that out when we go again in August! Have you guys been to Nashville before? Anything else I need to add to my list? Please leave me recommendations! 🙂

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