8 Tips for Prolonging Your Hair Color

August 18, 2019

Hi friends! If you know me you know I live and die by the advice my color specialist Rylee from Painted Pretty by Rylee gives me for my hair. I typically go 6 months without getting my hair colored by her, so I’m always asking her for advice on how to bust the brassy tones my hair develops overtime. This week, I thought it would be fun to pass on the 8 tips Rylee has given me to help me get more longevity out of my professional color services!

1. Shower 2-3x per Week (or every 3 days)

This is one of the best things you can do for your hair. Most permanent hair colors last about six weeks as hair is exposed to color-fading elements like UV radiation and heat. Washing your hair daily (especially if you shower with hot water) will strip away your hair color fast. The longer you can go in between washes, the better your color will look and last.

2. Use a PROFESSIONAL, Color-Safe Shampoo & Conditioner

The key word here is professional. I only use hair care products Rylee recommends or sells in her salon. Her rule of thumb for shampoo and conditioner is that if it isn’t sold at a salon (i.e. Living Proof, Olaplex, Oligopro, Redken, etc.) then you shouldn’t put it anywhere near your hair. Professional products are made with better quality ingredients for you hair. Shampoos and conditioners that you can find in large bottles from your local drugstore or supermarket have watered down, unstable ingredients that don’t guarantee results for your hair.

3. Use a Blue or Purple Shampoo

Rylee recommends swapping our your regular shampoo for a blue or purple shampoo once a week. These shampoos help color correct the tone of your hair as the color fades. If you’re a blonde whose hair tends to fade to an orangey brass tone, she recommends trying a purple shampoo. Purple does a better job of correcting orangey brass tones and restoring the ashy blonde tones. If you’re a brunette she recommend trying a blue shampoo. Brunettes tend to fade to a yellow-brass rather than an orangey brass. I recently switched from a purple to blue shampoo and it has made the world of difference in prolonging my hair’s color. Right now I am loving the Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Blue Shampoo!

4. Use Olaplex

I mentioned this product way back in My Short Hair Care Routine post. Anyone who heat styles or color treats their hair NEEDS this product. It’s a strengthening treatment that reduces breakage and improves the overall look and feel of your hair. I’ve been using Olaplex’s No. 3 Hair Perfector once a week as a deep conditioning treatment for over a year and will (probably) never stop using it. Rylee makes this treatment mandatory for all her clients when she colors their hair.

5. Minimize Styling Tools (Especially the Flat Iron)

Heat is the hair’s enemy – especially color-treated hair. Heat only makes dyed, damaged hair more fragile. Rylee recommends everyone stay away from hot tools, but if you absolutely have to use them to style your hair to be sure you’re using a lower heat setting. People with fine hair should not exceed 330° and people with curlier, coarse hair shouldn’t exceed 350°.

6. Use an Aerosol Heat Protectant Spray

If you have to use hot tools to style your hair, you’re going to want to use a heat protectant. You do NOT want to use a wet spray either – a dry, aerosol spray is your best friend when it comes to styling your hair with heat. Living Proof just released their new Perfect hair Day Heat Styling Spray that I am dying to try.

7. Use a UV Hair Protectant

If you’re going to be spending a decent amount of time out in the sun, Rylee recommends spraying a UV protectant into your hair. The sun naturally lightens your hair overtime, thus altering the color. Bumble and Bumble has an Invisible Oil UV Protective line that comes with a dry spray, protective primer, shampoo, and conditioner. I currently use the protective primer, but I really want to try the dry spray as soon as I run out!

8. Get a Gloss in Between Your Color Sessions

This may not be an option for everyone, but if you have the means I highly recommend getting your hair professionally toned (i.e. a “gloss”) in between your color sessions. This really helps bring the dimension back into your hair while restoring the overall tone. I do this around the 3 or 4 month mark and it makes my hair look and feel like brand new. Plus – it’s half of the price of a full balayage!

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