6 Tips To Prep For Your Brand Photoshoot

March 18, 2021

Hello Internet friends!! Last week Socially Taylored had it’s second official brand photoshoot with the one and only Raechel Marie Photography! This was an extra special shoot because we got to include our new graphic designer- Marley!

Since this was our second time shooting with Raechel we were much more prepared this time around. We also asked Raechel’s for alllll of her expertise on the photographer side of things, and wanted to share some advice with you all in case you’re in the process of planning and prepping for your next brand photoshoot!

1. How To Choose the Right Photographer

The #1 piece of advice we can give for this is to pick a photographer whose editing style suits your brand’s aesthetic. Raechel edits in warmer, romantic tones with hints of blush which fits Socially Taylored’s brand color palette to a T.

You should never ask your photographer if they can give you the RAW images. To start, RAW images are huge and you probably don’t have the space on your computer for them. But more importantly, the editing process is a huge part of a photographer’s brand and art. Photographers pride themselves on their editing style, and when you ask them for the RAW files it removes their discretion. They want to make sure you, the client, are receiving the best possible work and images you expect. So, that’s why it’s so important to make sure you like your photographer’s editing style and that it matches your brand’s aesthetic.

2. Tips For Finding a Venue With the Right ~Aesthetic~

If your brand has a physical location like retail space or office space, this may be an ideal spot to shoot at. Unfortunately Socially Taylored does not have an office space, so we chose to rent at a studio for our photoshoot! You could also consider choosing an outdoor setting.

Raechel helped us a lot with this step. A good photographer will be able to find and provide locations that work with your photoshoot goals. The first time Taylor shot with Raechel they shot at a location in Grand Rapids with a bunch of cute couches and seating arrangements, but not a ton of desk and working space. Our goal for this photoshoot was to capture more working shots and update website headshots. Raechel kept this goal in mind and made sure to find us a location with plenty of desk space so we could spread our stuff out and “work”.

Don’t forget to note what the lighting situation is like at your desired location. You may need to bring other equipment to get the desired shots you’re wanting!

3. Create a Mood Board for Your Photoshoot

Raechel had us do this as soon as we booked because mood boards help SO MUCH when planning a branded photoshoot. Mood boards help with color palettes, capturing the overall look and feel you’re wanting, finding your brand’s unique identity, and poses you might be interested in trying out. Mood boards are also helpful because you’re be able to reference back to them during the shoot and note specific poses and angles you want to recreate.

4. Organize Your Props, Outfits, and Accessories Ahead of Time

This is the #1 time saving thing you can do for yourself. Make a list of all the potential shots you want to take and the props that would need to be included. For Socially Taylored, a few of the props we brought were our laptops, sketchbooks, pencils, pens, tripods, ring lights, coffee mugs, and our microphones. Everything was packed and ready to go for us the morning of the shoot. You definitely don’t want to be rushing around and scrambling trying to get all of this stuff together last minute.

5. Do Some Extra Self-Care

If there was ever an occasion to treat yourself for, it’s a photoshoot! You know the expression “look good feel good”? This 100% applies to photoshoots, so spend some extra time prepping your skin, hair, and body for the shoot.

Taylor likes to get both a facial and blowout before photoshoots to make sure her skin and hair are on point for the occassion. She also makes it a point to self tan 2-3 days prior to the shoot. Doing this gives the tan time to settle in and look more natural. Tanning is by no means necessary, but Taylor says it’s the one thing she does that makes her feel more confident in front of the camera. She feels her best when her skin has a golden glow to it.

The point here is- do something a little extra to make sure you look and feel your best for the day!

6. Tips for Posing

Posing in front of the camera can be very uncomfortable, especially if it’s your first time like it was Marley’s. The #1 tip we have for posing is to not stop moving. Seriously. This is the key to creating those effortlessly looking candid shots everyone loves. Cross and uncross your legs, give a little hip pop, twirl your hair, turn a book page, kick your legs out, adjust your glasses, move a microphone around in your hands, laugh, type on a computer. There are so many subtle movements you can do that will create that “moment in time” feeling.

A great photographer like Raechel will also be able to guide you on posing and making sure you’re comfortable. Raechel played fun music during our shoot to keep us loose and having fun. We highly recommend doing this if you’re feeling nervous and stiff!

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