6 Apps for Creating Engaging Instagram Stories

May 9, 2020

Hi friends!! This blog post is long overdue. I asked you guys like a month ago what you wanted as far as social media content goes, and so many of you responded and said Instagram story app recommendations! So, I’ve narrowed it down to my top six most-used apps to edit, design, and create engaging Instagram stories for myself and my clients.

1. Canva

I use Canva’s customizable templates for Instagram stories, but this app can be used to create so much more. Canva is so easy to use and gives you access to customizable templates that allow you to capture your brand’s voice! Canva also lets you set brand colors so everything you design is cohesive. Additionally, many bloggers and entrepreneurs have Canva templates they have designed available to purchase or just as a freebie/downloadable. Canva has a free and premium version, but the free version is extremely generous with the features and templates it gives you access to! Another thing I love about the Canva is how easy it is to resize an image to fit something else. For example, resizing an Instagram Story to fit into a Pinterest Pin. It saves so much time and makes repurposing content so easy!!

2. Unfold

Unfold is great for creating unique stories. Unfold gives you access to numerous creative and original templates, fonts, and designs that are sure to capture your brand’s aesthetic and voice. I love this app because I feel like the templates are really unique to Unfold- like I have not come across another app that has these same designs and layouts.

3. Over

Another app similar to Unfold that gives you access to temples, fonts, and designs. My favorite thing about Over is that it gives you the option to create designs and graphics on a transparent background- which is perfect for creating custom fonts and elements to be copy and pasted into your Instagram Stories!

4. StoryLuxe

Ever wonder where bloggers get all of those really pretty film strip templates? Or polaroid photo frames? They’re probably using StoryLuxe! StoryLuxe is another app that gives you a variety of fun templates, frames, and sticker options. I personally prefer StoryLuxe to Over.

5. Mojo

Mojo is probably my favorite of all the apps. It takes simple static images and text and adds a transitions to them, so your stories have movement and capture people’s attention. The simple and minimalistic designs in this app really speak to my own aesthetic too. This app has both free and paid templates.

6. InShot

InShot is my #1 video editing app of choice. I love InShot because it makes editing video so easy. I’m not someone who enjoys spending hours editing video footage. It’s just not my thing. With InShot I can easily edit videos for any format (including portrait mode for stories). Other features of InShot include:

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