5 Tools Every Beginner Blogger Needs for Under $25 in 2019

April 22, 2019

Hi friends! I’ve been testing out some budget friendly tools I snagged off Amazon to make my life as a beginner blogger/content creator a little bit easier. I hope to be able to invest in a nice camera, lens, and tripod soon, but for now I am working with my iPhone 7+. I am happy to share some affordable tools I’ve found that work with my iPhone, are all under $25, and have really stepped up my content creation game!

*some of the links below contain affiliate links.

1.Selfie Ring Light

I snagged this little guy because the lighting in my bedroom is terrible. It comes with three adjustable light settings, is cordless, rechargeable, and it works on my phone, tablet, and laptop. 

2. Selfie Stick/Tripod with Bluetooth Remote

This is arguably the best purchase I’ve made for myself starting out. This selfie stick can fold out into a tripod, has adjustable heights, is actually sturdy, and holds my iPhone 7+ with an OtterBox case on it. It also comes with a removable bluetooth remote that makes snapping photos of yourself super easy

3. Fine-Point Stylus Pen

I have owned multiple stylus pens before. They make your life a lot easier, especially if you’re writing out text on Instagram and Facebook stories or Snapchat. What I love about this stylus in particular is the fact that it has a fine point tip with a clear disc on the end so you can actually see where you are writing. It’s super precise, highly sensitive, the disc is flexible, and it comes with a cap so you can protect the tip when it is not in use. To top it off, it’s rose gold. How cute!!

4. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These have been a game changer for me. I am a person who gets migraines and since I started freelancing I have been spending much more time on my computer and phone. Staring at the blue light puts a lot of strain on your eyes and I do it for at least 8 hours of my day. These glasses block the blue light. If you work in a profession that has you staring at a computer screen all day, you NEED these!

5. Contact Paper

I know people buy this to put over various surfaces and furniture, but I use it for flat lay backgrounds. It’s so easy to roll out, snap your photos, then roll it back up and store it. Because it’s so affordable I have bought variety colors and textures so I can switch up my color scheme.

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