4 Social Media Boss Babes You Should Be Following

April 18, 2019

Throughout the process of starting my freelance business, I’ve been introduced to and learned a lot from some incredible #BossBabes. I’m a visual learner, so I spend a lot of time reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, and taking online courses and certifications. So, let me introduce you to 4 of my favorite female boss babes who are currently rocking this social media thing!

Vanessa Lau

If you’re looking for tips on how to build your personal brand, business, or online presence, Vanessa Lau is your girl. Vanessa helps millennial entrepreneurs bring their dream business to life through coaching, consulting, and her brand new online course – Bossgram Academy. Her expertise is in branding and online marketing for early-stage entrepreneurs. Vanessa also posts weekly videos on YouTube about self-help, business motivation, and killer social media tips and hacks!

Becca Booker

Whether it’s through her social media newsletter, speaking at an event, or on Instagram stories, Becca is always sharing social media tips! She truly does it all and is THE social media queen. She runs her own lifestyle blog – According to Bbooks – where she gives tips and tricks for social media, running a business, skincare, online course and book recommendations, and more! Becca started off as a freelancer social media marketer and Facebook ads specialist serving the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Becca’s blog was my bible starting off because she blogged about her entire freelancing experience, including how she got started, where she found jobs, and her income reports. She also offers a free downloadable spreadsheet for tracking social media analytics and a GORGEOUS customizable social media reporting template that you can purchase from her. I have to give Becca a special shoutout because expanded her team and launched her own boutique social media agency – Homemade Social! Becca is truly killing it in the social media game and has that ~aesthetic~ we all crave for our feeds, so be sure you are keeping up with her and Homemade Social!

Jade Darmawangsa

Jade Darmawangsa is a 17 year old entrepreneur and creative strategist who is OBSESSED with helping people grow on social media. However, one of my favorite things about her is how nontraditional her path has been. Jade is actually a high school drop out, but she’s busted her butt to make a name for herself in this social media game and has proven that she is anything but ordinary. Jade makes YouTube videos about social media growth and motivation and runs her own podcast that focuses on raising brands and growing sales with exclusive marketing strategies. She has generated over 200,000 loyal subscribers and fans – not too shabby for a high school drop out (if I do say so myself)!

Hannah Schneider Creative

Hannah Schneider and her team dominate the social media management, influencer marketing, PR, photography and art direction, and hospitality consulting game in the Nashville area. Their team runs a blog that covers topics such as social media growth hacks, client management tips, industry and social platform changes, testing out different apps, and advice for staying creatively charged. The main reason I love Hannah and her team so much is because they show daily behind the scenes footage from various shoots they do. I’ve picked up so many photo styling and editing tips since I started following them, so definitely check them out on Instagram and watch their Insta Stories!

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